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Recovering heroin addict says she found sobriety through local faith based group


Stacey Westbrook says her addiction began at a young age. What started as underage drinking spiraled into years of heavy drug use. 

"I never had sobriety in those 27 years more than a couple days," says Westbrook.  "It ended up in a 15 year crippling addiction to heroin and IV drug use, crystal meth."

Westbrook says her addiction led her to being locked up in jail.  Which is where she overdosed and went into an 11 day coma.  Following that, she says she decided to turn her life around, and found help through RU Recovery Ministries in Rockford. 

"They never quit. They would come to prison and they would visit. They would come to the hospital and sit on my bed. That's the thing that changed my life. When I came here I couldn't walk, I couldn't do anything on my own, they had to take care of me. Nobody had never loved me.  That's what most addicts are searching for is because they want to be loved."

The addiction support group meets every Friday evening.  For more information on their services click here

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