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Midway Village Museum displays 19 historical plaques throughout Rockford


For the Midway Village Museum -- the Rockford History Walks Tour is a long time coming. 

"Gosh, I've worked on it for almost two years," David Byrnes, the president of the Midway Village Museum says.  

Byrnes says his team placed 19 plaques near buildings throughout Rockford. All of them marked with information about those areas and the impact they've had on the community since the 1830s. 

"It's our roots. It's our source of inspiration,” he says. 

One of those areas marked is Capitol House inside Stewart Square. 
During the city's early years -- byrnes says that's where William Lathrop crafted legislation to allow women to practice law in Illinois after a female mentee was denied her law license after passing her law exam. 

"This little law office in this cramped little space on the second floor of this small building spawned so much great success," Byrnes says. 

Fast forward to today -- the designer for Capitol House says he's trilled to see one of his projects marked with a plaque.  

"I think it re identifies what's already been here and how we're using the same buildings for modern facilities," 

To check out some of those facilities -- museum leaders say people can take a virtual online tour. There, visitors can listen to guided tours and learn more about buildings they probably pass by every day and take in the stories about the Forest City that helped make the area what it is today. 

"It's the reason why Rockford was started here in the first place. It's the way we can understand, yes Rockford can grow and become prosperous and be a great city," Byrnes says.  

Here is a full list of where to find those plaques:

#1 Chick Hotel, 123 S. Main Street 

#2 William Brown Building, 226 S. Main Street (two plaques)

#3 Nelson Hotel, 306 S. Main Street

#4 Veteran's Memorial Hall, 211 N. Main Street

#5 Zeke Giorgi Building, 319 W. State Street

#6 J.L Clark

#7 Jess Barloga, located across the street from the Rockford Area Visitors & Convention Bureau

#8 Talcott Building, 321 W. State Street

#9 Stewart Square, 308 W. State Street 

#10 Shumway Market, 713 E. State Street

#11 Prairie Street Brewhouse, 200 Prairie Street 

#13 Faust Hotel, 630 E. State Street

#14 Emerson Residence 

#15 Winnebago and Elm Street 

#16 Barnes Mansion, 813 North Main Street

#17 Richardson Building, 112 N. Wyman Street

#18 News Tower, 99 E. State Street

#19 Metropolitan Hall, 408 E. State Street 

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