City Council to decide on dog tethering regulations - – Rockford’s News Leader

City Council to decide on dog tethering regulations


A plan for stricter punishment if dog owners do not keep their dogs properly tethered took a step forward tonight.

City alderman have expressed concern for the safety of residents and animals in Rockford. There has been ongoing concerns with residents in Rockford especially children being attacked by untethered abused dogs. 

Alderman say they're not worried about all dogs, but the ones that aren't shown the love and affection dogs need to function in a friendly manner.

"It is a large animal that can inflict serious harm that's been abused by some thug that uses the dog as a weapon." said 5th Ward Alderman Venita Hervey.

The motion passed and will move to full council now. A topic also brought up with the motion was the use of choke collars on dogs. Harsher punishment would be handed down to dog owners who use choke collars on their dogs to keep them tethered.

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