Watch for slick spots, foggy conditions Tuesday morning - – Rockford’s News Leader

Watch for slick spots, foggy conditions Tuesday morning


Similar to early Monday, foggy conditions may cause a few slick spots around the Stateline for Tuesday morning.

While the fog won't be as dense or as widespread as Monday's, anytime foggy weather and freezing or near-freezing temperatures occur, there is a concern for freezing fog causing spots of ice on the roads and sidewalks where it is foggy. The fog is expected to last until 9 a.m. Tuesday; after that, both the fog clears and temperatures will be above freezing.

Be careful on the roads late overnight and early Tuesday. Drive slower and use your fog lamps if you encounter any fog, as both visibility and traction may be impacted. 

While the next few nights remain near freezing, drier weather plus warmer daytime temperatures should help prevent freezing fog for most of the rest of the week.

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