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No federal investigation needed at this point into Rockford officer, suspect's death says Mayor


There will not be a federal investigation into the deaths of Officer Jaimie Cox and Eddie Patterson because there is no need for one right now.

That's the word Monday night from Rockford Mayor Tom McNamara who says he's confident the integrity task force looking into what happened will find the answers everyone is looking for.

The request for the feds to get involved come from Eddie Patterson's family and supporters.  He's the man charged in Officer Cox's homicide.  

On Sunday, Nov. 5, an altercation between the two men on a traffic stop led to both being killed.  The details of what happened are either not being released or aren't yet known.  Officer Cox and Patterson were both laid to rest on Saturday.

And then Monday night, a group of about two dozen demonstrators marched through downtown demanding a federal investigation into what happened.

They left the Kingdom Authority Church and marched two miles to city hall.  

When they got there, they filled council chambers.  Sometimes getting called out for loud outbursts.  But that is what Pastor Melvin Brown said was their way of making their request for a third party investigation known.

"We do not feel that we will get a fair investigation from the integrity task force," said Brown.  "I'm not on the side of Mr. Cox.  I'm not on the side of Eddie Patterson. I'm on the side of truth, the community deserves truth."

Mayor McNamara said, "Right now we have the integrity task force investigating this. I think we will let them do their job and have the investigation run the course.  I am confidant in the process." 

And at one point during the council meeting, Rockford Police Chief Dan O'shea came out to the crowd in the hallway.  They were being loud.  So loud they were running the risk of being asked to leave.  

So the chief diffused the situation by granting them a 2:30 meeting Tuesday afternoon.  O'Shea will meet with the demonstrators and answer their questions at Kingdom Authority Church in downtown.

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