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Forreston community reacts after two tragic deaths in one week


Not one, but two tragic deaths are shaking the Forreston community this week.

One a former student at Forreston High School,  the other, a junior, getting ready to play for the school's varsity basketball team. 

"It's tragic... it really is," said Forreston resident Scott Ralston.

And for students who knew these two teenagers, the loss is unimaginable. 

"Being 16 years old, I never thought I would have to go through this," said Forreston High School student Kyla Benson.

We spoke to Kyla on Sunday at the vigil of 19-year-old Gregory Wood. 

Kyla says she's known Wood since Kindergarten. The two started dating only a month ago. 

"Trying to get through it the best way I can.. but this is definitely the hardest thing I've had to go through," said Kyla.

And she's not the only student dealing with this pain...

"I know a lot of kids at the school today, were really struggling today and the teachers too," said Ralston.

Ralston has two kids at Forreston High School both knew Drew Crase. 

"I tell my kids this and my congregation, you never know.. you never know when that last moment is going to be, so you gotta tell them that you love them," said Ralston who is also a pastor at Faith Lutheran in Forreston.

But in the wake of these two tragedies, the community says it's coming together. 

"One of the chief hopes is that we can lean on each other for support, that's going to be a big thing the family is going to need because,  you never expect to bury your kids," said Ralston.

"We're just sticking together, staying strong as best we can, smiling, hugging, sharing stories," said Forreston resident Valerie Huenefeld.

Getting through the hard times by staying Forreston Strong. 


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