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A community standing as one


"It was... It was amazing" said Rockford resident, Mark Lamen.

Community members say they now see their city standing as one.

 "I feel as a community we came together" said Lamen.

Solidarity marked with flags, blue lights, and ribbons lining the streets during the funeral procession for officer Jaimie Cox.

"Its a different thing when you see nothing but blue " "all the officers that were coming, all the streets that were blocked off, it was amazing" said Lamen

For Mayor Tom McNamara, it was a humbling experience "by far the most proud week I've had"  one he says he will always remember.

Thousands of people who may not have even known Officer Cox lined the streets and left a mark on Rockford's leaders.

"Seeing our community really at its best and showing their support for those men and women who put their lives on the line" said McNamara.

Not only did Rockford receive support from its residents, the city also received support from around the country.

Support in the form of food, cards, e-mails "everything that you could think of which was really nice to see" said McNamara.

McNamara says it was a tight knit community held together by a thin blue line this past weekend. 

"The sense of togetherness and unity you saw"

Something he hopes to see continue

"I hope we don't let that sense of togetherness stop for one week over one issue" said McNamara.

He says it's a glimpse of hope into what Rockford can become.


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