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Inspiring 815: Chad Hargraves


Cancer is a disease no one wants to ever experience, but those affected by it know it is extremely tough on your body physically, and emotionally.

That's where Pink Heals volunteers come in, to support the community and those impacted by the disease.

But one volunteer is taking his support to the next level. 

Chad Hargraves is our latest Inspiring 815 nominee. 

By day, Chad Hargraves has your standard 9 to 5 job, but by night, he is the Vice President of the Winnebago County Pink Heals chapter. An organization that works to bring cancer patients a bit of light during a dark time. From even just emotional support, to donations and services.

"If we can give them that little bit of ray of sunshine, to get them through a day, a minute, it lightens that burden." said Hargraves.

Chad joined the chapter in 2014 while his wife, Peggy, was fighting breast cancer.  It's something he says helped him through the battle.

"When I found out what they do, I fell in love with it. It was my pink healing haven." said Hargraves.

But his involvement healed Peggy, too, as she went through 16 surgeries in just 11 months. 

"He was my rock, he never faltered, he never lost hope. And when I lost hope, he was there to have hope for me." said Peggy.

And now, as she is in remission, Peggy sees how her husband's light shines onto others who are struggling. 

"He's beginning to be their rock, he's that inspiration to them, the minute they see him, they just light up and it's not just the one visit. It's down the road when he keeps in touch with them, to make sure they're doing alright." said Peggy.

Like Penny Nuelle. who says from the first time she met Chad, she felt comfort.

"He hugged me, and I just felt really safe. And he said everything is gonna be ok." 

And that feeling continues every time. 

"Everytime he sees you, he makes you feel like everything is gonna be ok. He just gives you a big hug and says do you need anything, is there anything I can help you with?" said Nuelle.

Chad Hargraves, Inspiring 815, with a little bit of pink healing.

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