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Inspiring 815: Latisha Marks


Latisha Marks has always loved kids. but when she became a young mom, she says it dawned on her that there weren't a lot of resources for them in the area.

"There wasn't really that much for us, to prevent, no one talked to us about sex, no one talked to us about drugs, nothing like that. So, I think if they had someone to talk to, an outlet maybe, that would save some kids from going down those avenues" 

That's why she started No Shades. a non-profit that aims to help kids have consistency in their lives, and visions for their future.

"Get the kids off the streets, help them achieve their goals, let them know they have options, there are options for them, there are things they can do." said Marks.

In just two years, the program has grown immensely.

"We started in her house, in her kitchen. We went from there, going door to door, to now in the community, helping out. So it's really taken off." 

But that doesn't surprise Hikisha King, a volunteer with the program.

"Always got kids over, and that's just her spirit. Just kid and giving, that's her." said King.

While the kids are working on vision boards for their future, so is Latisha. 

"We want a building, we want to have a place they can come to, a resource center, somewhere they can come on the weekends be able to talk, do homework, things like that." said Marks.

Latisha Marks, Inspiring 815, by starting "No Shades" for a brighter future.

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