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Community mourns loss of Rockford Officer Jaimie Cox


Nearly everywhere you go in Rockford, there are signs of support for Rockford Police and for fallen Officer Jaimie Cox. Blue ribbons and lights are on homes, businesses and more, a show of support for a man who won't soon be forgotten.

"It's here, it's in our home that this is happening," said Workplace owner, LoRayne Logan. "Its very profound to see the number of people who are expressing their support for our police department."

It's not just people showing their support from home, but also from businesses.
Workplace is one of those businesses showing  support-- with its sign draped in a black banner marked with a thin blue line. 

"We are really saddened by what happened," said Logan.

 Not only is the community seeing a parade of blue ribbons lining the streets,  they are also seeing blue lights.

Lights that mean more than just a color.

"It's a symbol that we want to back our police officers" said General Manager of Lou Bachrodt, Ken Taheny. For him,  it's also a sign of gratitude for Rockford Police.

"There are some people that really want, that really appreciate what they do," said Taheny.

A community backing-, stretching for miles,  in hopes of keeping Officer Cox's memory alive.

"We don't have to let go of what he stands for and what his commitment to life in our community was," said Logan.

A commitment that's  bringing the city together in support of one of their own.

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