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Teacher of the Week: Kathy Jerbi, Belvidere High School


It's lights, camera, and action at Belvidere High School in Mrs. Jerbi's journalism class. 

Not your typical classroom but one filled with computers, cameras and collaboration. 

"We have certain people do camera and tech. We have anchors. People that set up the background," said Junior, Cameron Taylor. 

Student's get their first dose of media from their teacher Kathy Jerbi. Mrs. Jerbi is a one time sports reporter turned educator. 

"My kids are great," said Jerbi. "They work hard. Sometime's they misbehave but it's all in good fun." 

She brings her working knowledge to the classroom and allows students to grow in many aspects of media. 

"There are some kids that come into the class, they only want to do the tech, they only want to do the camera, but I make them do a little bit of each. After awhile find out that its not that bad," said Jerbi. 

She teaches students new skills in front of the camera. 

She also has brought back an old favorite, the school news paper. It's publication stopped four years ago but seeing a need, Mrs. Jerbi brought it back and even added an online version. 

Jim Friesema, Vice Principal at Belvidere High School said, "It's been great to have that back and be able to offer that to the kids. They've been running with it. They've already had their first publication. They'll have another one in a couple of weeks and it's been a lot of fun to read." 

Mrs. Jerbi creates success in students that can be seen and read throughout the whole school. 

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