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Remedies Renewing Lives gets $900,000 dollar grant


Reducing violence in our area is on the minds of many people in law enforcement and those who help organizations like remedies renewing lives.

That's why the office of violence against women awarded another 900,000 dollars to Remedies to fight domestic violence.

"This award will support the creation of a full time lap advocate." Said 17th Circuit Court Judge Rosemary Collins

LAP or lethality assessment program is the next step for remedies to combat deadly incidents of domestic violence. Over the last few years, Rockford has become a model community for handling and responding to domestic violence and preventing fatalities.

Since the program was implemented on November 1st, 6 cases have been called in to the sheriff's department, 54 by Rockford Police and 37 cases have made it to Remedies. 

"Today we are immediately connecting the most at-risk victims with domestic violence services in an effort to reduce domestic violence homicide and keep our community safe." Said Collins

61 people have been put into the program in it's 1st 10 days. 1 in 3 crimes reported in Rockford are domestic violence related.

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