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Local historian writing about all of Rockford's fallen officers


Seven officers from the Rockford Police Department have died while serving on the force and one local author wants to make sure all their stories are told.

"I really believe that telling their story is very important. They shouldn't be forgotten, they should never be forgotten," said Kathi Kresol, local historian.

Kresol has researched the fallen heroes for years. Lorenzo "Jack" Gillogly was the first Rockford cop ever killed. His murder was in 1917. Then, Officer Frank Cichella in 1927. Seven months later, Arthur Bassett, who was murdered in front of his fiance. Forty-five years would pass before the next officer, Charles Jeffery Williams, would die. Then in 1980, Officer Randall Blank was killed and in 200, Detective Kevin Rice. All of them were shot to death.

Kresol hasn't documented stories on Rice or the department's most recent fallen officer, Jaimie Cox, but says she plans to when the time is right.

"I will finish up, I will do the Kevin Rice story and the other ones. I've been doing it chronologically for years so I'll get there. It's too fresh right now, it's too fresh," she said.

Kresol says she someday wants to put all of her writings and pictures she's collected of the fallen officers on display so the public can see them and honor them.

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