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Neighbors share eyewitness accounts when the investigation involving an RPD officer unfolded


"There was a squad car with its lights on and a flashlight laying the street," Mark Sturm, an eyewitness says.  

That's how Sturm says he knew something wasn't right in his neighborhood after he got home around 1:15 Sunday morning.

"There were three police officers walking up the road and they told me to get in the house," Sturm says.  

That's because just up the road -- authorities were searching for answers after they found one of their own critically injured and another man dead in his vehicle.  It was around the same time William Coffee, another eyewitness, says he drove by to pick up his girlfriend on Dawn Avenue. He says he was inside her apartment for about thirty minutes. He says there was an even bigger scene when the two left. 

"I come and turn -- a direct turn down this street here and went down to State that way -- there was officers around and on the way back going back to Wesleyan maybe about 10 or 15 cars --passed the cops and something done happened," Coffee says.  

"We heard some noise in the backyard and we ran to the front door and the were police all over our yard and we told them we heard something in the back yard and they ran back there," Sturm says.  
That's when Sturm says he flipped on the lights in his backyard to help police find anything that could lead them to finding out exactly what happened Sunday night. 

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