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Two people die of heroin overdoses in Janesville, police release data about opioid epidemic


Over the weekend two people died from a heroin overdose in Janesville.

The Janesville Police Department released data Tuesday to show the impact of the opioid epidemic. Since Jan. 1 police have responded to 41 overdoses and investigated 9 confirmed deaths. Those death's don't include two from over the weekend. Janesville Police say non-fatal overdoses are often not reported to police, which leads it to believe the actual number of opioid related overdoses is closer to more than 120 since Jan. 1.

Officers have made arrests in 20 out of 50 cases involving opioids so far in 2017, including violating parole to providing drugs that resulted in the death of another.

The police department has one dedicated officer to assist heroin users through the DROP (Death, Recovery or Prison) program, which offers help and treatment options to heroin users. It also participates in the Rx Alert program, which establishes a line of communication between law enforcement, pharmacies and medical professionals to monitor fraudulent activity for prescription medication.

Medication drop-off locations in the City of Janesville can be found here.

Wisconsin residents can get information on the latest legislation about opioid abuse here.

If you would like to be involved in Janesville's fight to end opioid abuse contact Officer Chad Woodman or Erin Loveland. Both of them are part of the Rock County Rx Drug Abuse and Heroin Task Force.

Rock County is also reporting an increase in the use of the deadly opioid fentanyl.

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