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Local boy get's surprise Make-A-Wish send off from class


Kaden Williams spends his day like most 10 year old boys: playing. 

At his home in Winnebago he spends the morning playing with his cars, iPad, and guitar. Doing this all while singing his favorite band 'Kiss' at the top of his lungs. 

It's a sound his mother Kathryn Williams can't get enough of. She said, "He sing's so loud and with such pride!" 

But unlike most 10 year old's, Kaden sings while he's in a fight for his life. 

Kaden has mitochondrial disease. 

Kathryn Williams said, "Everybody's body is made of mitochondrial. It's in every cell of your body and it gives your body the energy to make your organs healthy." 

Kaden was diagnosed at just 12 weeks old. In his 10 years, he has never eaten food. Instead, he is fluid dependent, kept alive by the tubes running through his chest. 

Because of Kaden's health he is unable to go to school. While he might not physically be there, his spirit is still very present at McNair Elementary School in Winnebago. 

It's there where the anticipation is building for his arrival. His whole 5th grade class including other friends from around the school gathered in the library to surprise Kaden. It's a celebration to send him off to Disney World for his Make A Wish trip. 

Kathryn Williams said, "He doesn't get to go school, he's home-bound. But for him to come here and see all the kids is a really big deal for him." 

As Kaden is brought into the library a room full of his classmates greets him with a loud, "SURPRISE!" Followed by Kadens delighted face and his sweet response, "Awesome!" 

For the time, Kaden is showered with cards wishing him well at Disney World and he snaps pictures with classmates. But most importantly, he enjoys the simplicity of seeing friends. 

It's a day where his disease did not define him, but the joy of his smile. 

"This will stick with him the rest of his life," said his dad, Chris Williams. "It means so much to him. More than anything you could do, just moments like that." 

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