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Rockford nursing home cited for multiple violations


A Rockford nursing home is fined $25,000 after the state says it may have caused a resident's death.

The Illinois Department of Public Health released its quarterly report of nursing home violations throughout the state. 

Of the 23 nursing homes sited, one of them is the Forest City Rehab & Nursing Center in Rockford. 

Each facility is listed as a type "AA" or "A" violation of the Nursing Home Care Act. An "AA" violation is cited when there is a condition or occurrence at the facility that may have caused a resident's death. An "A" violation pertains to a condition where there is substantial probability death or serious mental or physical harm will result or has resulted. The Forest City Rehab & Nursing Center was cited with an "AA" violation. 

The first incident reported by the Illinois Department of Health says a female resident, who lived at Forest City Rehab & Nursing Center since 2001, got medications she wasn't supposed to. 

The report says she was given multiple opioids that were meant for other residents.  It didn't name the woman bu says she got two doses of Morphine and two tablets of Norco back in June. None of them was meant for her.

The state says one of the nurses, who was prepping medicine for other residents, put all the medication into one cup.  That nurse then left the room and the report says someone gave the resident all of the medication. It is unclear if it was administered at one time.

The report says the woman was unresponsive and needed Narcan after the opioids were given to her. 

A physician ordered the facility to monitor her vital signs every hour, something the facility did not do, according to the report. The resident died one week later. The report does not specifically say the incident in question caused the death.

But Forest City Rehab and Nursing didn't just get penalized because of that error. The state says says the facility failed to take proper care of her after the incident happened. On top of that, the report says it failed to let the woman's power of attorney know what happened. That power of attorney later told the state in that report, "I was called when (R1) went into hospice in April, but I have not received any calls from the facility since then."

Forest City Rehab & Nursing Center is also facing punishment for another incident to a different resident. The IDPH report went on to say that resident fell, breaking  both his arms and legs. The reason the nursing home faces a penalty is because the report says two people were supposed to help that resident move, but only one did. 

That resident told IDPH, "There was just one girl helping me and I told her my legs weren't working and then down I came. There was no belt around my waist, they usually don't use one. I don't recall hitting anything on my way down. I was just weak that day. I broke both my arms and my legs." 

The Forest City Rehab & Nursing Center was fined $25,000 for these violations. We reached out to the facility for comment and got the following statement: “This is an ongoing dialogue between the facility and the Department of Health, therefore, we cannot comment at this time.”

Click here to read the full report. 

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