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Teacher of the Week: Julia Johnson, Johnson Elementary School


Julia Johnson can't get enough of the second grade.

"It's the best grade," said Julia Johnson. "The kids are excited when they come to school. And you build on that everyday because they want to learn." 

Student's want to learn and she want's to teach. She's been teaching at Johnson Elementary School for 9 years but has been teaching for a total of 28 years in the Rockford school district. It's the students energy that continues to bring her back. 

"It's exciting because the kids are just full of life," said Johnson. 

In the classroom, Ms. Johnson works to make a connection with each and everyone of her students. 

"Johnson Elementary School Principal , Amber Miller said, "If a student doesn't feel welcomed and happy to come to school then learning can't take place. So making that connection allows our students to be more engaged in the long run." 

She engages student through fun group activities. 

Miller said, "She works to build her classroom community and teams across her classroom and work towards a common goal. Just making that learning fun and engaging for students."

Creating a fun, welcoming, and engaging classroom. It's why Ms. Johnson is such a success in the classroom. 

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