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Local addiction centers question funding after President declares opioid addiction public health emergency


What does a public health emergency declaration mean for addiction resource centers here at home?

Remedies Renewing Lives says because President Trump declared a public health emergency and not a national emergency that title might prevent it from getting funding to fight addiction locally. Remedies predicts funding will go toward NARCAN, which it says is helpful, but doesn't actually help fight addiction.

"Right here in our communities, in this area, and across the United States—overdoses are a huge issue," Vice President of Clinical Services at Remedies Renewing Lives, Cheryl Piper said. "These are mostly very young people that it's happening to. So I'm disappointed, in a sense that we're not looking at it in the same level of emergency that I thought it should be."

Rosecrance says it's thankful this issue is getting national attention.

"While it is too early to fully digest how today's announcement would roll out administratively, history has demonstrated that an approach of "tough on drugs" has not been successful," Phil Eaton, President and CEO of Rosecrance said. "We are hopeful that the administration will shine a brighter light on recovery services for those who need them."

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