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Ellyn Ahamer, Inspiring 815


Ellyn Ahmer spends most of her time volunteering for different causes around Winnebago County. 

"When I see things that are uncomfortable to me, I look at myself first and figure out the discomfort, and then do what I can to change it."

While she's an advocate for groups like Transform Rockford and 815 Choose Civility, this week she was working with the children's mobile labs and community garden at Rockford Community Church.

"I think I've probably not ever been terribly content with what you might call the status quo, or what I heard growing up that's just the way life is, and inside I'm thinking does it have to be?" said Ahamer.

And those who've known and worked with Ellyn will say she never backs down from a challenge.

"I am yet to meet anyone who tops Ellyn, she lives and breathes Rockford. She's involved in everything, sometimes I ask her if she has 26 hours in a day." said Samuel Sarpiya, the Director of the Center For Nonviolence and Conflict Transformation.

While Ellyn is changing other's lives through her work...

"Every kid that has come through our mobile lab have been impacted, and touched by Ellyn one way or another. And they'll always remember Ellyn." said Sarpiya.

The work is also changing her own.

"Several things happened to me that kind of woke me up, there's this whole new dimension of life that make it more worth living." said Ahamer.

And when one project is done, it's just on to the next.

"There's no shortage of next projects in my mind." said Ahamer.

"I think Ellyn's consistency and perseverance, she makes what seems impossible, possible and she has a can do attitude. And that's what it takes to transform a community." said Sarpiya.

Ellyn Ahmer, inspiring 815, by giving a little time, to make a big difference. 

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