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Teacher of the Week: Amber Dargel- Stone Creek School


At Stone Creek School in Roscoe a change in the lives of Amber Dargels special needs students is clear. 

"They are excelling amazingly since the beginning of the year," said Dargel. 

It's Dargels first year teaching at Stone Creek but her passion for special needs students was planted much earlier. 

"It's always just kind of been in me," said Dargel. "Working with my cousin who has special need, I've always had a passion for this population." 

In just a short time, it's her passion that is already fueling change in these students. 

One of the paraprofessionals in her class, Luke Bressler said, "I've seen growth in each and every one of the students this year already. She just does a phenomenal job in the classroom." 

The children have found growth through hands on activities and being able to adapt to the ever changing climate of her class. 

"With special ed., you gotta be flexible," said Dargel. "Nothing is ever gonna go as planned. Really just looking for those small moments where we see those big jumps." 

It's those jumps that gives Ms. Dargel hope that these students will succeed today and into the future. 

Dargel said, "I am going to help them become the best that they can be." 

An advocate for special need students both in and out of the classroom. 

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