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Family finds dog after after California fires destroy home

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The wildfires raging in northern California spread so quickly that many families had little time to evacuate.

One family that scrambled to get out was heartbroken because they were unable to take the family dog with them, even though they tried.

When the family returned to their destroyed home, what they found gave them reason to rejoice.

The walk up Jack Weaver's childhood driveway is about a half-mile, but on Tuesday morning he'd already conquered three miles of rugged terrain, unsure of what he'd find at the top. 

"At that point we knew that the house was gone, we were sure of it. What we didn't know was what was left," said Weaver.

So Jack and his brother-in-law ventured on, hoping against hope that somehow, the family's 115-pound, 9-year-old Bernaise Mountain dog might just surface.

After a night where flames forced his parents to flee, Izzie the dog bolted just before reaching their car. 

"She was gone into the darkness. They yelled for her, there was nothing she could do. And they literally got out with minutes to spare," said Weaver.

But in this horror story, featuring a forced escape and a family's three-decade-old dream house going up in flames there is a happy ending...

"Izzie!! There she is!!! Oh my god, oh my god!" 

"She's a miracle dog. She survived cancer twice, Sonoma County fires, the worst ones likely I think the state has ever seen, and ah, she's a miracle dog!"

The family is still not sure where Izzie went, during those 36 or so hours. 

Just that she came bounding out when they called her... And they have their 'Nanna' from Peter Pan... Back at home.  

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