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Teacher of the Week: Breanne Fransen- St. Peter School


It's a typical day at St. Peter's School in Rockford. A typical day, meaning no two days are the same with a class full of 4th graders. 

"They have a lot of energy and a lot of personality," said Breanne Fransen. Her student's describe her in a number of different ways but there is one quality that stands out according to them.

"She's very patient," laughed 4th grader Margaret O'Brien. "That's kind of hard with our class." 

In her 3rd year teaching at St. Peters, she know's how to harness the energy of 9 and 10 year old's with a mix of learning and fun. 

Fransen said, "I think I get that teacher voice and their like, 'Woah! No more games. It's time to be serious now'." 

It's that perfect combination that allows her to make an impact with her students in the classroom. 

"She's enthusiastic," said Principal James Burns. "She brings a lot of creativity to her classroom. At the same time, she challenges students to excel, to go beyond their own limits." 

She challenges students to do their best in the classroom and loves watching them succeed. Fransen says that it's the best feeling in the world to see a student grasp a lesson. 

"That is why I did this. That's why I went to school for this," said Fransen. 

It's the positive strides in the classroom that Fransen hope's students take home, feeling confident in themselves. 

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