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Winnebago County Republicans to sue county board


Winnebago county republicans are suing the Winnebago county board. They say it's over the redistricting of precincts  calling the newly drawn ones illegal and unfair. 

"As with many other laws in this state, it appears some of our officials believe they can view them only as suggestions because they know better, says Jim Thompson, the Winnebago County Republican Central Committee Chairman.

Back in June, the Winnebago County Board approved a resolution for County Clerk Margie Mullins to consolidate precincts. The move came with a 17-percent reduction in precincts. Mullins said it's needed because the county cannot find enough election judges on election days to stay in compliance. 

A point of contention is how many voters are in the precinct. The Winnebago County Republican Central Committee says there must be no more than 800 voters per precinct, but the move puts more than 1,000 in some precincts. 

But Mullins says that s 800 who voted in the previous two elections. While there may be that many in a presidential race, that's not the case for many midterm elections. 

Mullins also says when she redrew the districts, she did not consider Democratic and Republican voters. She and Chairman Frank Haney say the Winnebago County State's Attorney's Office and State Board of Elections were consulted. 

The Republican Party in Winnebago county says the moves are illegal. 

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