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Recent increase in Fentanyl is causing concerns in Rock County


This drug has a power unknown to many. 

"With the Fentanyl being potent, a smaller amount can kill you. That its making it, its adding onto the seriousness of it" said Rock County Sheriff's Department Captain, Todd Christiansen.

Captain Todd Christiansen says the Rock County Drug Unit is dealing with it on the streets more often than ever.  his department made 38 arrests last year. This year, that number is already at 45.

and with that increase -- comes an increase in overdoses.

"Its increased the number of overdoses that we have had. We have seen that number go up" said Christiansen

 The Rock County Coroners Office says so far this year there have been 15 overdose deaths and 11 of those have been opioid related.
last year number the coroners office tells us they had 39 overdose deaths 30 involving opioids.
The coroners office has 59 pending autopsy results so this years number for Rock County could potentially be even higher

"Pretty much every unconscious person any unknown call its pretty much the forethought in your head, is it an overdose, what is it this time?" said Beloit Fire Department Chief, Gene Wright.

A trend that is becoming more common in the Rock County area. So much so, both fire and police departments are carrying Narcan  including Beloit police who started using Narcan in February.

"I know they have administered their Narcan upwards of about 10 or 15 times this year" said Wright.

But while Narcan helps save lives, it doesn't help fix the increasing problem.

"like every other addiction, we give them a drug, we wake them up, we take them to the hospital, maybe they get a ticket for possession- and then we send them on their way" said Wright.


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