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Head of the Rock Regatta brings thousands to Rockford


A sport where athletes find peace on the water, and no matter what age you start  the goal is to finish strong.

"Anybody can start anywhere and learn" said Rockford Rowing Crew member, Kimberly Williams.

Kimberly Williams is a new member of the Rockford Rowing Crew, she says there is nothing better than getting out on the water early in the morning.

"We see the actually moon set and the sun rise, and its just so beautiful, its beautiful down here on the river, its peaceful" said Williams.

"Teamwork is essential, if you don't have teamwork you're not going to go very fast you're not going to go anywhere. if you want to move the boat well, you all need to be working together as a unit. 8 guys working as one" said St. Ignatius Rowing Crew member, Henery Quinn-Pasin.

Listening to commands, working in unison, and pushing towards the finish  is why these two-thousand plus athletes come back each year to the Rockford.

"Our river is designed for a head race which is a timed race. there's only one bridge so it makes it a beautiful venue for this sport" said Co-Director or the Head of the Rock Regatta, Jane Johnson.

Nearly 600 boats and over 50 teams take over the Rock River showing off one of Rockford's gems.

"To see some of the beautiful things that Rockford has to offer and that they pull together an event like this that literally brings together people from all over the mid-west and that is pretty amazing" said Williams

Teams come back year after year- all for the love of the sport  and that rewarding feeling of crossing the finish line.


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