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Start up company opens up in Rochelle, several businesses considering the area in recent months


For the Kain family -- they say they searched high and low for the perfect spot to start their business. 

"We looked at Mendoa, we looked at Dekalb, we looked at La Salle, Peru. We even looked at further north," Casey Kain, CleanMetal Shop Foreman and Master Cleaner. "We even contemplated Rockford."

But CleanMetal -- a business that aims to freshen up metal equipment ---  settled on Rochelle. It's is just one of several businesses to take a closer look at Hub City. Chet Olson -- the city's mayor -- says he credits the attention to the nearby highways and railroads.

"Logistically -- we're a very good area with two railroads and two highways to make access for products and parts coming in and out of our community," Olson says. 

Goods flowing and sending out also comes with more jobs. The area is already on the short list for a Mazda and Toyota plant that could attract roughly 4,000 jobs. It's also home to the Americold expansion -- a project that is set to bring in roughly 75 new positions by next year. 

"In the past 10 years, we've been very fortunate in opening up several different industrial type operations," Olson says.  

And now CleanMetal is another to add to the list. While it says it will start out with only two employees -- it plans to expand to fill 10 skilled labor positions within the next few years. But, the city hopes it will bring more people to Rochelle for the service.

"To my knowledge there isn't another company that does what they do. Whether it's household, commercial, aviation, ag -- anything metal," Peggy Friday, the commercial and development coordinator with the city of Rochelle, says.  

Attracting more industrial business, Rochelle leaders say it's crucial to their community and the region. 


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