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Downtown businesses raise money for fellow owner


Downtown Rockford is like a second home for Alicia Neubauer and her fellow business owners. 

"We've probably attended every downtown event there's ever been in the past 20 years," Sandi Kone, the owner of 510 Threads says.   

Alicia Neubauer has been active in Rockford's downtown for years. 

"I have been volunteering in downtown in some shape or form for some time now the River District, Shelter Care Ministries," Neubauer says.  

A list that goes on -- she's also the owner of Ground Floor Skateboards Store and an architect in the city.  

"My boys were always used to me having meetings," Neubauer says. 

But after getting diagnosed with breast cancer, she's had to take a step back.

"I'm handling it pretty good, but it's going to be a long road," she says. 

Now, the rest of the community is picking up the slack and making Neubauer's path to recovery just little bit easier.

"She's just a warm and lovely person and you can't help but want to help somebody like that out," Kate Wirth, the owner of Lucette Salon and Spa says.  

Helping out their fellow business owner -- and friend -- in her time of need.

"She's just so active in the community that we all thought it was only appropriate to try and do something to lift her spirits and help her out," Kate Wirth the owner of Lucette Salon and Spa says. 

Whether it's a hair cut a Lucette Salon or a new blouse from 510 Threads -- those businesses are donating 15 percent of their sales from Saturday back to Neubauer's family to cover medical bills. She says it's a gesture she can't thank the community enough for.

"Their hearts are in and they really are genuine," Neubauer says. 

510 Threads says it will continue to donate 15 percent of its profits from online sales through the next couple of days. You can find the link to their site here. 

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