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Teacher of the Week: Cory Park- Rockford Christian School


Cory Park is a 3rd grade teacher at Rockford Christian Elementary School. In her classroom, superheros like Batman, Spiderman, and Ironman line the walls. 

A teacher to a class of curious 9 years, she's the biggest hero in their life. 

3rd grader, Emily Schlichting agrees, "She's like a superhero." 

Mrs. Park has been teaching at Rockford Christian for the past 2 years. 

 "They're a joy. They're fun. They love learning. They're excited," Park  said about her students. "You get hugs when you walk in. They wanna be here and you wanna be here and we love to play games and the joy on the kids faces is just so much fun."

Students are excited to be there because Mrs. Park makes learning a fun thing to do. 

Teagan Lawver said, "She is funny and helps us learn in a lot of fun ways." 

She utilizes technology and captures students attention with fun games. 
Park said, "It's like a challenge and you finally reached it. For them it's so exciting and for you it's so exciting. We make games, we have fun with it but that moment when something is clear to them and they understand it, it's really amazing." 

It's her passion for teaching that's now inspiring the next generation of teachers like her own student, Teagan Lawver. Lawver said, "If I'm a teacher and doing what I want to do I can teach other kids to learn and be a teacher if they want to." 

Mrs. Park inspires tomorrow by teaching today. 

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