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Teacher of the Week: Mike Winebrenner- North Boone HS


This week is homecoming week at North Boone High School. A fun week for students as they gear up for the big football game on Friday and the dance this weekend. 

It's fun for students but also fun for teachers like Mike Winebrenner. 

"It's one of my favorite times of the year," Winebrenner said. "It's the energy. The students are all into it.  We're really proud to be vikings and proud of our community." 

But Winebrenner doesn't need homecoming week to have fun at school. He can't wait to get to work every morning. 

"I lean forward in my steering wheel everyday when I'm driving to school," said Winebrenner. "It's the best job in the world." 

A dream job for Winebrenner and he has been a dream teacher for the students in his class. 

Angie Luna is a senior at North Boone who had Mr. Winebrenner for two years. "I was always excited to be in his class and as soon as I got in his class I was like, 'man this guys really cool'. He's really funny," said Luna. 

A social studies teacher, he engages with students to make learning fun and effective. 

Winebrenner said, "We have real conversations about history and about culture and our culture compared to other cultures."

He makes strides in the classroom but Winebrenner doesn't just teach names, dates, and places. He gets to know the students in his class. 

"He'd ask us personally like, 'hey is something going on?'" said Luna. "He was always there for us." 

"We all know what it's like to be teenagers and we know what it's like to be young and dealing with unique problems," said Winebrenner. "But I do care about them and I do want them to be successful in whatever it is in life they want to be." 

Caring for students in and out of the classroom, it's why Mr. Winebrenner has made a strong impact at North Boone High School. 

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