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Emily Anderson's family digging deep to find strength 3 months later


More than ninety days, that's how long friends and family have been searching for answers since Emily Anderson vanished from a Machnesney Park Steak 'n Shake. 

"After 3 months. It's been enough. Enough is enough," Rachael Kersch Libowski, Emily's friend says.

Three months of waiting and hoping to light Emily's way home, but friends and family say things are more challenging with every passing minute.  

"I have my days where I think the worst and then I have my days where I think the best," Caitlin Dull, Emily's sister says. 

Sept. 19th is one of the more taxing days for Emily's sister she says that's because Halloween is right around the corner. That's Emily's favorite holiday. 

"My daughter has seen pictures of last year of Emily doing her make up and she's kinda has made comments and said well, 'I hope Emily's home to do our make up this year,' and I say 'I hope so too baby ... I hope so too,'" Dull says. 

Friends say it's difficult for them to imagine the candy and costumes without Emily.

"Let her come home for Halloween -- let her have her holiday back," Kersch Libowski says. "Let her family have their Emily back."

Which is why they're doing everything they can to make sure Emily's case isn't forgotten. 

"Until we have the answers that we need and the closure that we need -- please don't give up because we're not giving up," Dull says. 

Keeping Emily's story alive -- roughly forty days before Halloween -- something friends and family they hope they can see Emily enjoy. 

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