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Local humane society takes in pets in the wake of Hurricane Harvey


Joann Stewart says she's fostered animals so many times -- she's lost count. 

"One year I counted 12 -- that was my biggest year," Stewart says. 

Now, she's ready to bring home another four legged friend. 
But this time, it's to help cats and dogs impacted by Hurricane Harvey. 

"When I found out we were taking Texas dogs, I said I want one. I want to help," Stewart says. 

This weekend -- she's bringing home Nova -- a one year old beagle and basset hound mix. Nova is just one of 8 dogs and 12 cats to make their way to the Paws Humane Society after Hurricane Harvey pounded the southern region. 

"We have so many animals in the shelters in Louisiana -- that we help to try to clear the shelters so that they try to take some of the animals from hurricane into Louisiana," Tanya Parker, with Paws 4 Life says. 

Now, it's up to fosters like Stewart to make room in their homes for these pets. It's a way Paws Humane Society director, Susan Galon, says helps get these animals ready for the perfect home.

"If anything would happen out here we would hope that the rest of the country would rally around us," Galon says. 

But, the right thing isn't always the easiest option.  
Stewart says while she loves having these animals for a short time -- she always hates to say goodbye. 

"I don't sleep the night before. I cry, but I know I get to meet the family of where they're going and often I keep in touch with them on Facebook so I know that my babies are going to a good home," Stewart says. 

Paws 4 Life also made a stop in Freeport today. The group says they delivered more than 40 animals this weekend. 

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