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Alzheimer's awareness in the Stateline


A devastating disease that is impacting families across the state, and here at home in Rockford.

"For me I don't have my mom anymore, she doesn't talk much she'll answer yes or no but there is no conversations" said Rockford resident, Carole Moyer.

Carole Moyer's mom, June, was diagnosed with Alzheimer's eight years ago and family members say, its the small things like that they miss the most.

"I cant go to her for advice or anything because she doesn't talk to me with that level of expectation anymore" said Moyer.

It's a disease that doesn't just take a toll on the Moyer family, it impacts over two-hundred thousand people in the state of Illinois alone. A number that's expected to increase 18 percent in the next decade. but it hasn't stopped people from battling for a cure. 

"People can come here and they know there are other people going through similar situations that they are. They know that they have a support system right here in Rockford for them" said Manager of Special Events, Melyssa Johnson.

Different generations, walking in memory of those, who's memory has been taken away by this disease.

Like Carole Moyer's daughter, Jennifer who says her grandmother is like her best friend, the one she would always go to.

"Its extremely hard to accept the fact that your grieving someone that's still alive" said Rockford resident, Jessica Moyer. 

That grief , is what the Moyers say, empowers their family. 

"Its important that we try and raise as much money as we can raise awareness of Alzheimer, and hopefully someday they will find a cure, so its important to us to do the walk every year" said Moyer.

Working together as a community, while taking a two-mile stroll through Rockford in hopes of finding a cure.

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