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Road construction projects set to wrap up ahead of winter months


Rockton Village leaders say the construction along I-75 and Blackhawk has been a headache all summer. 

"I think it's a lot more intrusive than we had envisioned," Village President Dale Adams says. 

It's something Rachel Niehaus, a manager at Naturally Organic Grocery, agrees with. 

"There's little parking already -- I'm afraid for them to get in and out," Niehaus says. 

It's a $9 million project that aims to widen lanes, reconstruct pavement and replace storm sewer drains. Starting in spring, it is now in its last phase -- one that is set to impact several downtown businesses. 

"Portions of the sidewalk will need to be removed and replaced," Adams says.

That means Niehaus can now expect the work right outside her front door step. And after an already slow summer, she's afraid her store won't see the spike it normally sees during November and December. 

"That is when everyone is cooking. You've got Thanksgiving and Christmas -- lots of special meals," Niehaus says. 

Village leaders say they hope to see the orange cones and detour signs disappear before Christmas. 

"It will be beautiful when it's done and I'm sure it will attract more visitors to Rockton," Adams says. 

"Hopefully, we'll see a pretty good bump once everything is clear and people don't feel like it's a headache or an annoyance to get into downtown Rockton," Niehaus says. 

A temporary pain knee-house and village leaders hope make for a more pleasant downtown experience. 

Other area projects to be on the look out for: 

Loves park says the Harlem Road construction should finish around Sept. 29th. 

Rockford city leaders say projects along Spring Creek Road and Harrison Avenue should wrap up before the end of the year. 

And you can expect to see the orange cones along North Main Street to stick around until the end of 2018.  


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