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Local Hospital and Nursing home prepare for emergency


As hurricane Irma took its toll on the state of Florida, A Hollywood Hills Nursing Home took on another tragedy of its own when eight of their residents died.
Here in the Stateline, a local nursing home and hospital say being prepared for a natural disaster is incredibly important. 

"We do practice that on a regular basis and it seems like this year we have had quite a few real world situations where we have had tornado warnings going off" said Disaster Preparedness Program Manager at OSF Saint Anthony, Jeff Brown.

Both OSF Saint Anthony Hospital and Heritage Woods Assisted Living have plans in place. 

"So during our practice of chaos, we make sure if its a tornado, we do have tornado drills where everybody is stationed. Whether its be the different managers or the employees on duty everybody knows exactly their designated place to go" said Administrator at Heritage Woods Rockford, Jacki O'Keefe.

 They also have regular drills to keep them on their toes.

"And we don't let them know so at the moment they do think they do need to react as if it was real" said O'Keefe.

Although  they practice this preparation regularly, they say the horrific images from a Texas nursing home, and the tragic deaths at Hollywood Hills remind them they can do more. 

"The events that happened in Florida and Houston are very tragic. Its definitely areas that we can learn from" said Brown.

Having plans of preparation and prevention is whats keeping these residents safe.

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