Recent dry stretch puts Stateline closer to drought - – Rockford’s News Leader

Recent dry stretch puts Stateline closer to drought


Long stretches of dry weather since August 1st has made it easy to make outdoor plans, but the continual lack of rainfall since last month keeps the recent deficit of rainfall growing.

August ended around 1 1/2" of rainfall below average, but that was coming off of the heels of a very wet June and July, so the dry weather wasn't a bad thing. Now that we are in September, the continual dry weather is getting us toward drought conditions.

The National Drought Monitor rated much of northern Illinois as abnormally dry, or a step below drought conditions. With September only tallying 0.07" of rain in Rockford, and the area over 3" below average since August 1st, these conditions spread into our area.

The good news is that the abnormally dry classification can go away pretty quickly, and is momentary. A few good rains can erase these conditions. There is a chance for scattered showers in the forecast for Sunday, plus at least one more chance for rain coming up by midweek next week.

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