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Business is Blooming


Along the streets of downtown Rockford,  business is blooming.
"Part of business is blooming is recognizing restaurants that have great outdoor dining spaces" said President and CEO of RACVB, John Groh.

A new pilot program launched today with hopes of supporting beautification in the city of Rockford.

"What we are trying to do is encourage and celebrate whats right and whats good about the downtown business and the central city businesses who are beautifying their storefronts and encourage others to do so" said Groh.

Several restaurants, have already been recognized for their positive marks on the city's landscape, including Abreo. 

"I love that so many business are taking their outdoor seating so seriously and making. You know its not a small investment" said Abreo Event Coordinator, Erin Watson.

 Employees at Abreo say, that investment, is well worth it for their customers even with all the up-keeping they have to do.

"The beginning of the season is always the hard part.just cleaning up after winter and getting plants put in and what not. But just general maintaining like a garden at your home, every day" said Watson.

From downtown sidewalks, to Rockford's greatest attraction, the river,  businesses are trying to beautify their locations. 

"The lighting, the ambiance that we have down on the dock. Not only on the dock but just around the building. The facility staff does a nice job of just keeping the building pretty for everybody" said President and Co-Founder of Prairie Street Brewing Company, Reed Sjostrom.

For the owners of Prairie Street Brewing Company, their hometown roots are what keep them going.

"We all grew up here, we all love the city, we all just really want the city to succeed and this is why we do this. We could be somewhere else doing this but we all want to be in our hometown" said Sjostrom.

So when you are wining and dining in downtown Rockford, take in the beauty that was created by these local business owners.

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