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Construction wrapping up along Spring Creek Road


For William Lucas and his wife, they say they've lived along Spring Creek Road for 26 years. But during this past year, they've woken up to construction sounds outside their window. 

"If you forget to set your alarm clock before 7:30 or so you wake up hearing the clanking," Lucas says. 

It's a wake up call project leaders say won't be around for much longer. That's because the rock river water reclamation district finished replacing sewer pipes along the mile and a half stretch just east of 251. Now, the city says its ready to start resurfacing -- something that should wrap up in November-- only if the weather corporates in the next few months. 

"If you could get snow the first week of November -- then it may just button up for the winter and it won't come back until the spring," Tim Hanson, the Executive Director of the Rock River Water Reclamation district says. "I'm being optimistic."

Not only could the project finish early, it looks like it's coming in under budget. It was expected to cost up to 13 million. 
But, leaders say the final number is slightly below 10 million dollars. 

"That's why you do a bidding process," Hanson says. "You try to get the best responsible bid that you can possibly get. And so the bids came in and they came in a little bit lower." 

Ahead of schedule and under budget -- it's something both parties say they appreciate. 

"Any time there's progress made --- there's pain involved," Lucas says. 

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