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New development coming to Rockford's west side


You might not see much along West State Street -- at least right now. Rockford city leaders and developers say they have the green light to change that. 
"Often, you feel like the west side is being forgotten and you feel like those services you need as a resident -- grocery store, pharmacy, access to high quality medical care," Mayor Tom McNamara, D-Rockford, says.  

That's why First Midwest Group says it's building one -- possibly two buildings on the corner of Springfield Avenue and West State Street. They say it's too early to tell what exactly will go in to those buildings.  

The group's president, Sunil Puri, says the area could possibly become retail space, but he hopes it turns into some sort of medical facility -- a resource he says the area is lacking. 

"We're in conversation with several medical type users who would like to provide those services and bring those out all the way to the patients rather than them going all the way to the city center or the east side," Puri says.  

Just a couple miles up the road is the Crusader Community Health's west side location.  

"Access to health care is a main priority for our community so if there's more access to needed health care services everyone wins," Linda Niemiec, Crusaders Community Health's vice president of development says. 

A victory for all, something city leaders and developers say they're trying to accomplish. Property owners say they expect to break ground on those buildings within the next couple years. 

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