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Major events elsewhere in the country influencing Stateline weather


A couple of notable events that have made headlines across the U.S. are having some subtle impacts here in the Stateline, many miles away from where the events took place.

For starters, we may get a little cloud cover on Wednesday from an unusual source- the leftovers or remnants of Hurricane Irma. The storm itself is just a shell of what it once was, but the area of low pressure will still produce a few showers as far north as central Illinois and Indiana. For us in northern Illinois, we'll be right on the edge of the cloud cover being produced by the low and all of the moisture still associated with it. The sky may in fact be mostly cloudy as close as southern De Kalb County throughout Wednesday. The sky should clear again by Thursday as the remnants of Irma get swept up into the general weather circulation across the U.S. and move east.

Wildfire smoke continues to make an appearance over the Midwest as the general airflow across the U.S. moves the smoke away from the Pacific Northwest. The amount of fires has dropped, but there are still enough to send smoke into the upper layers of the atmosphere. The air quality shouldn't be impacted much, unlike the last few times we've seen heavier smoke. The slightly hazy sky will make for good sunrises and sunsets while we have a clear sky. The smoke particles scatter the sunlight better during sunrise and sunset, giving us a much more colorful sky. 

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