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Local dreamers speak up after DACA decision


The decision to rescind DACA, or deferred action on childhood arrivals, continues to spark debate, especially in the Latino community.

This weekend, those impacted here in our community spoke up about what it means for their future. 

"I was shocked, I never thought they were going to take it away," said Virginia Chavest. 

"It was like a chapter that i really enjoyed and now that it's ended, it's really sad," said Betzy Cortes.

Chavest and Cortes are known as dreamers, young who were brought to the U.S. before the age of 16, and who have been protected by DACA up until last week. 

"To me it means a lot, it means supporting my family, it means getting a career like everyone else, it means providing my community as well, because we do that too," said Cortes.

"We deserve it because we've been working here for our country and I honestly never thought they would take it away," said Chavest.

Without DACA, Cortes and Chavest risk being deported back to Mexico, a country they say isn't their home.

"The United States is all i know, I've never been to Mexico ever."   

A fact true for many of the nearly 800,000 dreamers across the country.

"The administration's announcement really shook the Latino community nationwide," said DACA supporter Maria Mendia.

A shift that comes barely two before the Latino community's largest celebrations, Mexico's Independence Day.

"When we talk about independence we're talking about freedom from tyranny, freedom from oppression, so supporting the dreamers goes right along with that," said Mendia.

Dreamers like Cortes and Chavest, who now worry what the next six months could bring. 

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