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Dry weather stays in place this week


High pressure keeps the weather like what we saw all throughout last week- mostly sunny, dry, and quiet. While the sunny conditions make it easy to make plans and enjoy the outdoors, don't look for rain anytime soon. The stubborn dry pattern may keep rain away from the area until the end of the weekend at the earliest.

While September is off to a very dry start, drought conditions aren't expected anytime soon. We'd have to go a while with this very dry weather before those conditions are able to set in. Rainfall has been hard to come by since August 1st; Rockford is currently over two inches below average since the start of August.

One interesting sight that may occur by Wednesday is the arrival of clouds from the leftovers from Hurricane Irma. The rapidly weakening storm wobbles toward the Upper Midwest, possibly giving us some cloud cover on Wednesday, but little else. The wind should stay light, and rainfall from the remnants of the storm stay away.

For more on the forecast, check out www.wrex.com/weather.

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