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Leaders meet to discuss the future of weed in Illinois


States leaders met to discuss the future or marijuana in Illinois. 

A join House and Senate committee heard from drug policy experts and law enforcement about the pros and cons of regulating the drug. Opponents say marijuana is a gateway drug to drugs like heroin. Supporters of dispensaries say they wouldn't sell heroin in the first place and would help keep addictive opiates out of the public's hands.

DuPage County State's Attorney, Bob Berlin said, "There's a study from the CDC that says people who are addicted to marijuana are 3 times more likely to become addicted to heroin." 

On the other side, Democratic Representative Kelly Cassidy said, "With the gateway issue you can go to an up-street corner and they're up-selling you. If you go to an establishment that doesn't happen. Nor can you even get in there if you're not 21." 

Currently, medical marijuana is legal in Illinois. The state most recently passed a law decriminalizing small amounts of the drug. 

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