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Teacher of the Week: Mickey Ryall, Haskell Elementary School


Take a look inside Mickey Ryalls first grade class at Haskell Elementary School and you will find a group of squirmy, curious and overall goofy 6 year old's. Some might call it controlled chaos but Mrs. Ryall calls it home. 

Ryall said, "We are a family. I treat us as a family. I've taught us as a family." 

A former banker turned teacher, she's a long way from the finance world as she sits on the carpet with her students Wendesday. A different world, but a world she is thankful to be a part of. 

Ryall gets the most out of her students as they learn as a group and individually in stations located around the room. "Everyday they fill up every expectation I give them," Ryall said. "They are becoming well rounded first graders and I am very proud of them." 

On Wednesday the focus in class was reading. It's a skill first grader Terri Callicuct learned at Haskell. She touts that she can read Dr. Suess' 'Green Eggs and Ham' all by herself and even reads to her brothers at home. 

It's success in students that has made Ryall a success at Haskell. In her 6th year at the school, she has taken on a mentoring roll to new teachers training them on the day to day task of educating. 

Principal Loree Leathers said, "She's outstanding. She's helping some of our first and second year teachers get through the process." 

Small things that make a big difference at school and in the lives of students. 

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