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Roosevelt High School uses solar eclipse as learning experience


As a new year kicks off for Rockford Public Schools students were welcomed back a little differently this year, with a solar eclipse. 

At Roosevelt High School the whole school gathered to witness the sight today adding a little bit more chaos to an already hectic first day. 

Roosevelt Principal Morgan Gallagher said, "It is a hectic day. I am running around making sure students know where their classes are." 

One classroom students will find is science teacher, Sarah Schaefer's classroom. The hands on teacher is excited to start the new year with a unique science experience. 

Schaefer said, "Our whole entire school gets to witness the partial eclipse today. We're very excited." 

500 NASA and ISO certified glasses were donated t o Roosevelt High School so students could witness the solar eclipse. Schaefer says it's the perfect way to start the school year. 

"There's nothing better than getting students excited about the learning process and being able to take part in it and be active with it," said Schaefer. "So this was the perfect opportunity for the first day of school." 

As students gathered outside their glasses were on, heads tilted towards the sky and filled with excitement as they were on the verge of experiencing history. 

Senior Jalen Tipton said, "This is the first time I'm going to be able to see it in my lifetime. It's gonna be a long time until it comes back so I'm glad to see it."

The last time a solar eclipse took place in the United State's, 38 years ago, Roosevelt High School was a middle school.

On Monday, these high schoolers can say they experienced something new. 

"I think it's something they'll always remember," said Schaefer. "On the first day of school they got to see an eclipse occur." 

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