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Missing Loves Park woman gone for two months


Two months, that's how long a family has been without a sister, an aunt and a friend. 

"It honestly feels as if it was a wrinkle in time and she just disappeared," Caitlin Dull, Emily Anderson's sister said.  

But, Dull says she's starting to worry. 

"I'm struggling myself and the easiest way is to stay private and hide it because I don't want anyone else to get scared and I'm starting to get really scared," she says.

After 61 days, friends and family say they're still trying to light Anderson's way home. That's why Anderson's friend, Rachel Kerch Libowski, is stepping in to help. Kerch Libowski says she's organized search parties, candle light vigils, handed out fliers --- anything she can do to keep Anderson at the forefront of people's minds.

"We don't want people to give up hope," Kerch Libowski says. "We want that hope to stay alive and we want that hope to be there." 

Keeping Anderson's case alive. It's something Anderson's sister says she's grateful for while her family works through the grief and tries to get back to normal. 

"She's done an amazing job at being kind of our family's advocate and that's amazing. That's more than what our family could every ask for," Dull says.  

Whether it's two weeks, two months or two years, Anderson's family and friends say they're not giving up. 

Anderson's family says they are set to meet with Loves Park Police on Monday. The investigation is still ongoing.

For a list of search parties, visit www.bringemilyhome.com

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