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Two injured in Beloit shooting early Saturday morning


Two people shot in the city of Beloit and the gunmen still at large, all after a wild Saturday morning chase.   

"We're being advised, possible gunshot wound at 539 Euclid..." police reports rang over the scanner. "A confrontation between some of the folks there..and folks resorted to firearms."

Beloit's Police Chief David Zibolski says a 19-year-old Rockford girl was shot in the head, another, a Beloit man was shot from behind.

"Pretty chaotic scene for the cops to handle," said Zibolski.

All because the gun men took off...

"100 miles an hour...about to take a left onto Milwaukee, onto I-90... Spikes deployed! Spikes deployed!" reports ringing out on the scanner. 

"Well done by our officers," said Zibolski. 

Even though the shooters got away.

"They took immediate action to get us to the investigation phase," said Zibolski. 

Trying to connect the dots, officer spoke with neighbors about what they saw.

"It's a shame...It's a shame that it happened young people killing with guns," said one neighbor. 

Beloit Police says it's trying to cut the crime scenes in that neighborhood with federal grant money

"We're looking at lighting issues, address issues, just a number of environmental designs, make things more visible, safer when they are walking down the street," said Zibolski. 

The plan includes increasing patrols, just like the one early Saturday morning.

"To ensure the safety of people and also to pursue of some of the people involved," added Zibolski.

Beloit Police say they have leads in the case, including a gun found near where the car chase started. 

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