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Missouri deputy writes song for fallen officer

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A Missouri community remembers a fallen police officer who was killed in the line of duty last weekend.

Those who knew him are paying tribute in many ways.

One sheriff's deputy who knew the fallen officer from their days in the academy wrote a song in honor of his brother in blue and the lyrics come from a place close to the heart of Henry County Deputy Chase Curl.

"At first, I knew him as a fellow cadet in the academy. We went to the central Missouri Police Academy," said Curl. "I'd be coming into town or coming out of town and he would flash me down with his lights or something, we'd just sit there and catch up and talk."

A friendship between brothers in blue before tragedy this past Sunday.

"So, I went inside and turned my radio on, and I heard some of the calls going out, and at that point, I kind of broke down," said Curl.

A fellow officer shot and killed in the line of duty. Shortly after the tragedy, Curl turned to music to deal with the pain.

"I hadn't played guitar in a long time, so I picked it up, and two hours later the song was born. I think the whole point of the song is not to focus on what happened, but to focus on how to cope with it," said Curl.

A way to deal with heartbreak, and a way to honor an officer who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

To listen to Deputy Curl's full song, click here.

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