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Medical students ready to continue studies in Rockford


Medical students in Rockford donned their white coats this morning -- some for the first time. 

The University of Illinois School of Medicine at Rockford welcomed 55 first year students during the white coat ceremony. 

Its the first year the program is accepting first-year students to begin their studies in Rockford instead of having to transfer in from Urbana-Champaign.
the school also presented coats to 65 second year students -- -their largest class in campus history.

"The first and most important thing about these white coats and about this training process is it's all about the patients," said second year medical student Murad Alqadi. "Just finally getting to put on this white coat after working so hard the past year to earn it. It was surreal. It's something I've been waiting for my entire life." 

Second year students say they will act as mentors to the first-year students.  

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