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National water skiing championship to bring in nearly $200,000


The recent heavy rain had some on edge about whether or not Rockford would be able to host this weekend's  Division 1 National Show Skiing Championship. 

"This summer of all summers, we've just had some down pour rains that have just raised the river to a flood stage where its closed," Steve King, the Ski Bronc's president said.  

But, the beautiful weather provided perfect conditions for these water skiing competitors to show off their skills on the water. 

After the no wake order was lifted for the rock river on Friday, it's been smooth waters. Teams traveled in from around the Midwest and as far as Florida to perform their routines on the water. Each choreographed to music and built around a theme to tell a story.

"We thought, 'Well, let's take the plunge and try star wars,'" Sherri Burnner, the show director with the Sarasota Florida Ski A Rees said.  

The Ski A Rees hail from Sarasota, Fla. It took them two years to put the finishing touches on their show and this weekend -- they're just one of several groups to make their way to the Rockford area. 

"We expect 5,000 to $10,000 people sitting in the bleachers this weekend," King said. 

The Rockford Area Convention and Visitor's Bureau estimates this event will bring in roughly $200,000 in economic impact to the Rockford area. King said the Rock River is the perfect place to have this sort of event.

"It's fairly straight. It's fairly deep shore to shore," King said. 

A large river for big tricks and a warm welcome -- something teams say they're enjoying.

"Our hearts are larger because we came here this weekend," Brunner said. 

Team competitions are set to continue through Sunday. Anyone interested in watching the event via the web can do so at

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